Director at Large Tony St-Pierre

Director at Large

Tony St-Pierre


My family and my community is why I work as a first term councillor in Sooke. Sooke is the community we chose because of welcoming smiles, a clear sense of identity and the obvious love residents have for their community. As such, I was proud to be elected to District of Sooke Council in 2018 because I believe that municipal matters most and that decisions of local government have the most direct impact people’s lives.

I bring experience and knowledge to the table in a number of areas  including being a permaculture farmer, planner, teacher, renovation specialist and employment councillor. With over 20 years of experience in the trades alongside a master’s degrees in both Planning and Adult Education & Community Development, I believe I provide a unique combination of practical experience with a strong academic background. I’m committed to effective climate action, social justice and the healthy growth of individuals and the community. I care passionately about affordable housing, local economic development, good design, pragmatic approaches to complex challenges, and participatory planning.

My areas of expertise include:

   •    Rural Planning & Development

   •    Community Development

   •    Organizational Development

   •    Systems Analysis

   •    Participatory Planning

Council appointments:

   •    Capital Regional District Water Supply Commission

   •    Capital Regional District Climate Action Inter-Municipal Task Force

   •    Climate Caucus

   •    Edward Milne Community School – Liaison 2021