2015 Resolutions

Download the 2015 Resolutions Disposition Summary. The Minutes of the AGM and Convention will be distributed electronically to members in late June and will be posted under Resources – AGM & Convention Minutes as soon as they are available

Download the 2015 Delegate Supplementary Materials Package  which includes the Resolutions Committee Comments and the Resolutions Committee’s recommendations.  The 2015 Late Resolutions Report is also available to download.

The Resolutions to be considered at the upcoming AGM & Convention are published in the AVICC Annual Report and Resolutions Book which is distributed electronically to members in late March each year and posted under Resources – Annual Reports.

Happy to announce that Mayor Maja Tait won the draw for a $1500 contribution from FortisBC and matching $1500 contribution from AVICC for the winner's local food bank - the Sooke Food Bank Society. 👏👏👏 @MajaTait @FortisBC @SookeCa https://www.foodbanksooke.org/