2021 Executive Candidates

2021 Annual General Meeting - Election

Candidate Biographies and Recorded Speeches

2021/2022 Nominated Candidates 

The following AVICC members have been nominated for positions on the 2021/2022 AVICC Executive Committee.

There will be an election for the 2nd Vice President position, and for the three available Director at Large positions. Information will be sent out to members with links to vote on-line, and the dates and timing of the elections. Results will be announced at the AGM on May 28th. 

A biography for each candidate and a candidate speech where available will be posted below.

2nd Vice President (1 to be elected):

Directors at Large (3 to be elected):

  • Travis Hall, Director, Central Coast Regional District (incumbent)

Will AVICC communities sweep the Asset Management category for the Excellence Awards again this year? 2021 winner qathet RD and honourable mention District of Highlands.