2021 Annual Report and Resolutions Package

Annual Report and Resolutions Package

The Annual Report and Resolutions Package for this year’s convention is now available at: 2021 Annual Report

The Annual Report has been emailed to all member local governments for distribution to all elected officials. It will also be emailed directly to all registered delegates.

The report contains the:

  • Convention Program
  • President’s Report
  • draft 2020 AGM Minutes for approval
  • Nomination Report
  • Candidate Biographies
  • 2021 Member Dues
  • 2020 Audited Financial Statements
  • 2021 Budget, and
  • 2021 Resolutions with comments and recommendations from the Resolutions Committee

@THEAVICC Hey I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the voting process this year. Great use of my time and I appreciated voting on every motion. #avicc2021